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NEW TV AD: David McCormick’s Hedge Fund Investments Helped Build The Chinese Military

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Watch the New TV Ad “Rich

As Hedge Fund CEO, McCormick Invested In Chinese Companies That Produced Fighter Jets, Bombers, Aircraft Carriers, And Missiles

PENNSYLVANIA – Today, the Bob Casey for Senate campaign released a new TV ad highlighting how Dave McCormick got rich by investing in China’s growth and Chinese military companies during his time as a hedge fund executive.

As CEO of Bridgewater, McCormick oversaw the investment of millions of dollars in Chinese military companies that produced fighter jets, bombers, aircraft carriers, and missiles. Under his leadership, Bridgewater increased investments in China by 108,000% and became the number one foreign hedge fund in China.

Read a transcript of “Rich” below:

Narrator: Dave McCormick got rich.

Workers: Really rich.

By investing in China.



Narrator: As a Wall Street CEO, he ran the number one foreign hedge fund in China, pouring money into companies that build missiles and bombers for China’s military.

Workers: China’s military?



Narrator: Why would we ever trust someone who made the military of our enemy stronger?

Workers: Dave McCormick sold us out.

To make a fortune.

That’s the real Dave McCormick.

Bob Casey: I’m Bob Casey and I approve this message.