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Bob has dedicated his career to serving the people of Pennsylvania, and has the record to prove it

From legislation cracking down on terrorists’ financing to a law that makes it easier for small businesses to expand, Bob has a wide range of accomplishments for the people of Pennsylvania. He knows that too many families have been left behind, and is committed to bringing good jobs to Pennsylvania and to raising wages.

Fighting for American Workers

Pennsylvania’s workforce has always been one of its most valuable assets, but right now, too many people are being left behind. Pennsylvanians deserve jobs that support families and allow workers to prepare for a secure retirement.

Standing Up For Small Businesses

From family farmers to small manufacturers to local shopkeepers, small business owners drive Pennsylvania’s economy. Bob Casey has spent his time in the Senate fighting for laws that support their contributions.

Protecting and Strengthening Health Care

Bob is focused on finding solutions that cover more people and lower health care costs, but he won’t support plans that would kick Pennsylvania families off of their insurance or leave them scrambling to pay for health care.

Taking Care of Our Seniors

Honoring our promises to seniors by protecting Social Security and Medicare, Bob Casey has made real changes in how Americans care for each other during his time in the Senate.

Protecting Families and Americans with Disabilities

We need to make sure that every parent and caregiver has the resources they need to take care of their loved ones and help them thrive.

A Safe, Quality Education at Every Age

Investments in learners — from toddlers through college and technical students — are critical to the success of our families and our economy. Bob is committed to making sure every student, at every age, has access to a safe, quality education that will set them up for successful careers.

Equality at School and in the Workplace

Every worker deserves fair treatment and every child has the right to an equal education, regardless of race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or zip code.

Building a 21st Century Infrastructure

Bob Casey has successfully secured millions of dollars in infrastructure funding to repair and improve Pennsylvania’s thousands of roads, bridges and waterways, protecting and creating thousands of jobs and raising wages along the way.

Protecting Our Country, Our Communities and Those Who Serve Them

The Senate’s role in our national security is a solemn responsibility, one that Bob Casey takes very seriously. Throughout his time in the Senate, Bob has worked across the aisle to keep our country and our service members safe.

Ensuring America’s Place in the Global Economy

For too long, American trade policies have put Pennsylvania workers on an uneven playing field. Bob Casey has seen many formerly thriving towns that have been decimated when employers closed their doors, and he has worked to bringing good manufacturing jobs back to Pennsylvania.

Supporting Rural Pennsylvanians

Bob Casey knows that rural Pennsylvanians are critical to keeping our economy moving forward, and he is committed to being their voice in Washington.

Preserving Pennsylvania for the Next Generation

Bob has proactively fought to preserve Pennsylvania’s clean drinking water, clean air, and expansive farmland while striving to advance our economy technologically. Bob knows that climate change poses a real and imminent threat that must be addressed before it's too late.

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