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What They’re Saying: “Senator Bob Casey Looking Out for Americans” 

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Keystone Newsroom: “US Sen. Bob Casey Continues To Prosecute The Case Against Inflation And Corporate Price Gouging”

The Sentinel: “[Senator Casey] Warned The Same Forces Threatening Abortion Rights Are Now Targeting Contraception”

PennLive Letter To The Editor: “[Bob Casey’s] Continued Advocacy Will Preserve The Integrity Of Our State’s Democratic Processes”

PENNSYLVANIA – Senator Bob Casey is being recognized across the Commonwealth and nationally for always fighting for Pennsylvanians. He is an established leader in the fight against greedflation and corporate price gouging, has fought to protect and expand the freedom to vote, and has pushed back against conservative efforts to further restrict a woman’s right to choose.

What They’re Saying: 

MSNBC: The Katie Phang Show: One-On-One With Senator Bob Casey

  • Katie Phang: Senator, I do want to ask you about that Senate bill, the idea of actually enshrining the right federally to access to contraception died on the floor, didn’t even get to the point where you could actually have a debate over it. And it died because of Republicans. And a lot of people in the GOP are saying “but this is just for show, this was a show bill, it actually had no threats to contraception.” And yet, I’m sure they would have said the same thing about abortion, pre-Roe being overturned.
  • Senator Casey: I think it was a rather dramatic moment for the American people. And I realized that sometimes these votes go by people. But this is a right that should be enshrined into law for the whole nation, that women have a right to contraception, and that health providers have a right to provide it […]
  • […] Republicans over and over again have promised the American people that they support this right. And yet when they had the chance to move this bill forward, they voted against it. And almost every Republican voted no on this. 
  • So I think it’s a critical moment for the country to examine how extreme this party is. I’m running in Pennsylvania against someone who, when asked in a Republican debate about his position on abortion, basically said he supported  an abortion ban with no exception for rape and incest. And so you have to ask the question, well, what does that mean for the right to contraception? And he hasn’t answered these questions.
  • […] 
  • Katie Phang: Senator Bob Casey looking out for Americans. 

Bucks County Beacon: Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey Reminds Voters ‘Birth Control Is on the Ballot’

  • Casey, a Democrat who voted to pass the [Right to Contraception] Act, is very concerned about how his colleagues across the aisle voted. “I’ve been a member of the Senate for a while, and you have an expectation sometimes of how the other side is going to vote. But I’ll tell you, on this one, it’s still stunning and disturbing that every single Republican senator except two wouldn’t even vote to debate the right to contraception, which I think for a lot of Americans is really stunning,” he said. “And I think it’s proof positive of what a lot of Constitutional law scholars were talking about in the aftermath of the Dobbs case.”
  • While Pennsylvania is not currently at risk of losing the right to abortion or contraception, Casey argued that voters should not be complacent. “The concern is that if we moved as a nation in what I would argue is the wrong direction, meaning electing a Republican president and having a senate majority, you could have blue state impact,” said Casey. “Whether it’s a blue state ban that affects contraceptives, or whether it’s a blue state ban when it comes to abortion because of mifepristone.”
  • Currently, Casey is running for reelection against David McCormick, who lost the 2022 Pennsylvania Republican Senate primary to Mehmet Oz. McCormick has said that he does not support abortions except in very rare instances when the mother’s life is in danger and believes that there should not be a national abortion ban.

WTAJ: Sen. Casey joins virtual event advocating for contraceptive and abortion rights

  • Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) participated in a virtual event titled “Birth Control is on the Ballot” Tuesday evening to advocate for more federal and state protections for abortion and access to contraceptives.
  • Casey voiced his concerns that Republicans in Washington D.C. could move to take away contraceptive access and potentially pass a national abortion ban if former President Donald Trump is elected in November. 
  • “Even with the current dynamic, you could still have a national impact with the extreme forces in a new republican administration and a new Senate majority,” Casey said.
  • Casey also said during the event that there needs to be more action by Pennsylvania Democrats to protect women’s rights, to ensure that they last even after the Shapiro administration is over.

The Sentinel: Sen. Casey joins organizers to discuss contraception, reproductive rights

  • Senator Casey took the virtual stage, expressing his astonishment at the Senate’s vote. “It’s still stunning and disturbing that every single Republican senator, except two, would not stand up to even debate the right to contraception,” he said. Casey underscored the importance of keeping the issue in the public eye, arguing that silence and inaction could lead to significant setbacks in reproductive rights.
  • Casey also discussed the broader implications of the vote, linking it to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. He warned the same forces threatening abortion rights are now targeting contraception. “This is a graphic display of Republican extremism,” he asserted, urging participants to remain vigilant and proactive.
  • The conversation soon turned to the specific threats facing states like Pennsylvania. Paris asked Casey to address the misconception that blue or purple states are immune to these issues. Casey responded by detailing potential scenarios where federal changes could override state protections. He highlighted the fragility of Pennsylvania’s current political landscape, where slight shifts could lead to significant changes in reproductive rights policies. 
  • “The concern is that if we move as a nation in the wrong direction, electing a Republican president and Senate majority, you could see blue state impacts,” Casey explained. He stressed the importance of maintaining awareness and engagement at both state and national levels.

Keystone Newsroom: Bob Casey shows Democrats how to fight against inflation and corporate price gouging

  • Corporate price gouging and the costs it’s having on families across the country is starting to gain the attention of more Democrats thanks to one unlikely source, US Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA).
  • Casey started exposing corporations for price gouging, via “greedflation” and “shrinkflation,” last fall and continued making that argument against corporate price gouging in a recent interview with The Keystone.
  • “The same corporations that got this huge gross windfall through that 2017 tax bill are the same corporations that are engaged right now in greedflation,” Casey said. “Jacking up the prices of food and household items over and over again for years now, ripping families off. That’s why I’ve taken them on. I’ve called ’em out, I’ve exposed them. They’re pretty damn angry about that.”
  • “When you have to make a choice between siding with powerful interests like major corporations and multinational corporations and billionaires and extraordinarily wealthy Americans, I have chosen to be on the side of workers and the most vulnerable among us,” Casey said.

Philadelphia Inquirer Letter to the Editor: Growing shrinkflation

  • I am frustrated that polls are showing many people in this country feel our economy was better under Donald Trump than under Joe Biden. Here are some facts I received from Sen. Bob Casey after I wrote to him about this issue: Wages are rising, the official poverty rate is the second lowest it has been since 2000, and unemployment in Pennsylvania is at a record low. When people see prices for gas and groceries rising, it feels as if our economy is doing poorly, yet inflation has slowed significantly. In April, the inflation rate was 3.4%, down from a high of 9.1% in June 2022. So why are families still feeling pinched?
  • From July 2020 to June 2022, corporations increased their profits by 75%. They have done this, in part, by reducing product sizes by a few ounces, or adding air while keeping prices the same, known as “shrinkflation.” Casey introduced the Shrinkflation Prevention Act to give the Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys general authority to crack down on corporations deceiving consumers in this way. Shrinkflation means that an average Pennsylvania family paid $3,194 more in 2021 and $3,546 more in 2022 just toward corporate profits. Ironically, these mega-wealthy corporations may shift support from Biden to Trump because people don’t realize who is to blame for high prices. They’re betting on Trump to serve their interests if he wins. I hope voters won’t be fooled.

PennLive Letter to the Editor: Voting is key to our democracy

  • In these challenging times, our elected officials must defend the values that define Pennsylvania. By supporting pivotal legislation in Congress, like the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, we can secure our elections and ensure that everyone’s right to vote is protected against the pervasive threats undermining our democracy.
  • I am grateful for U.S. Sen. Bob Casey’s backing of these measures and trust that his continued advocacy will preserve the integrity of our state’s democratic processes.
  • As I enter the voting booth, I will be thinking of the legacy we are creating for my son and future generations.