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NEW TV ADS: Casey Campaign Highlights Why Pennsylvanians Can’t Trust Dave McCormick

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Watch New TV Ads “Sink” and “Gold

PENNSYLVANIA — Today, the Bob Casey for Senate campaign released two new TV ads highlighting why Pennsylvanians can’t trust Dave McCormick to represent them as their U.S. Senator. 

From the beginning of his campaign, Dave McCormick has shown he is only out for himself. He has aligned himself with extremists and election deniers at the expense of our democracy.

He has personally invested over a million dollars in Rumble, a social media website that platforms Holocaust denial and antisemitism, which is reprehensible. 

He lied about living in Pennsylvania when in reality he lives in a $16 million mansion in Connecticut because he’s trying to fool Pennsylvanians. 

He supports an abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest and praised the leaked Dobbs decision as a “huge victory.” 

He can’t be trusted to stand up to China and put our country first after he invested millions in Chinese military companies that produce stealth bombers, aircraft carriers, and ballistic missiles.

Read a transcript of “Gold” below:

It’s America’s gold coast. 

For Dave McCormick, it’s been home for years.

But now McCormick’s trying to fool you.

Paul Van Osdol, Reporter: He says he is a Pittsburgh resident now, but public records raise some questions about his residency. 

Narrator: McCormick’s running for Senate in Pennsylvania, but he doesn’t live here.

Van Osdol: A $16 million home in Connecticut.

Narrator: And hadn’t voted here.

Van Osdol: He did not vote here for 15 years.

Narrator: Dave McCormick: a Connecticut millionaire you just can’t trust. 

Senator Casey: I’m Bob Casey and I approve this message.

Read a transcript of “Sink” below:

Narrator: Dave McCormick thinks he can fool you.  

But he still lives in Connecticut. And hadn’t voted here for 15 years. 

He sides with extremists and election deniers.

So it’s no surprise he’s invested more than a million dollars in a website that platforms Holocaust denial and antisemitism.

And McCormick wants to make abortion illegal. Even in cases of rape or incest. 

Now you know the real Dave McCormick.

Senator Casey: I’m Bob Casey and I approve this message.