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NEW TV AD: Casey Campaign Spotlights Dave McCormick’s Investments in China’s Growth and Military

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Watch the New TV Ad “Built

Bloomberg: Bridgewater Grew China Military Investment Under GOP’s McCormick

PENNSYLVANIA – Today, the Bob Casey for Senate campaign released a new TV ad highlighting Dave McCormick’s long history of investments in China’s growth and Chinese military companies.

As CEO of Bridgewater, McCormick oversaw the investment of millions of dollars in Chinese military companies that produced fighter jets, bombers, aircraft carriers, and missiles. McCormick even admitted his investments exposed the U.S. to “moral and patriotic hazards.” 

Read a transcript of “Built” below:

Narrator: Bombers, missiles, aircraft carriers – Communist China’s military built with help of an American, Dave McCormick.

McCormick: China’s success and growth is very much in the interest of the United States, and vice-versa.

Narrator: As CEO, his Wall Street firm became the number one foreign hedge fund in China, getting very rich building China’s Communist military. 

Narrator: Now, he’s admitted it was a moral and patriotic hazard. 

Narrator: He put money over country. You can never trust Dave McCormick to be for you.