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ICYMI: John Legend Supports Bob Casey In Philadelphia Radio Interviews

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Legend On WURD: “I Believe That Bob Casey Is The Best Choice For Pennsylvania And For The Nation When It Comes To Representing All These Issues That I Care About.”

Legend On WWDB-AM: “I Believe That You Want To Pick The People That Will Fight For What’s Important To You And I Believe Senator Casey Will Do Just That”

PENNSYLVANIA — This week, Grammy Award-winning R&B singer-songwriter John Legend sat down with Philadelphia’s WURD and WWDB-AM radio stations to discuss the importance of protecting voting rights, safeguarding democracy, and why Pennsylvannians should re-elect Senator Bob Casey. 

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  • Legend: “The folks that want to deny the vote in Pennsylvania, deny the vote in Philadelphia, they especially like to target Black people in Philadelphia, and accuse Black folks of cheating and stealing the election and voter fraud and all these things that they target our community for on a routine basis, it’s because we do have power and I just want to encourage people to use that power that we have and make sure we put people in office who are going to best represent our interests and our needs as a community […] The fact is democracy is on the ballot.
  • Legend: “We need to make sure we have folks representing our interests up and down the ticket […] I believe that Bob Casey is the best choice for Pennsylvania and for the Nation when it comes to representing all these issues that I care about.” 

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  • Legend: “I think the choice between the Democrats and the Republicans is really clear when it comes to voting rights, because Republicans have been trying to find ways to deny our voting rights for decades now.” 
  • Legend: “I really believe a lot of what Senator Casey and the rest of the Democrats in the Senate have fought for during [these] last four years has been really important. Bringing jobs back to the state of Pennsylvania, especially a lot of manufacturing jobs, infrastructure jobs and really fighting to bring prices down when it comes to things like healthcare and insulin and things of that nature that affect a lot of folks’ pocketbooks.” 
  • Legend: “I believe that you want to pick the people that will fight for what’s important to you and I believe Senator Casey will do just that.