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ICYMI: Bob Casey Fights For Our Rights During “On Our Side Road Trip” Across Pennsylvania

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Sharon Herald: Casey: 2024 Election About ‘One Word’ — Rights

Philadelphia Tribune: Amid Trump Rally In Philly, Casey Talks Up Protecting Voters’ Rights

WJET/WFXP: Sen. Bob Casey Rallies For Labor Rights In Erie With ‘On Our Side Road Trip’

PENNSYLVANIA – Senator Bob Casey recently traveled across the Commonwealth for the second leg of his “On Our Side Road Trip,” focused on his fight for voting rights, women’s rights and worker’s rights. Throughout the trip, Senator Casey was joined by elected officials, community leaders, and Pennsylvania voters from across the state. 

Here’s What Pennsylvanians Are Reading About The Road Trip: 

Lehigh Valley News: U.S. Sen. Bob Casey launches five-day campaign tour with a stop in Bethlehem

  • U.S. Sen. Bob Casey will appear at a pro-choice rally at Bethlehem Rose Garden on Saturday as part of a statewide campaign tour promoting voting rights, women’s rights and workers’ rights.


Philadelphia Tribune: Amid Trump rally in Philly, Casey talks up protecting voters’ rights

  • Sen. Bob Casey joined 11 City Council members and other elected officials from Philadelphia Friday morning to pitch his record to voters on voting rights. With his opponent David McCormick coming to town Saturday with former President Donald Trump, Casey wanted to remind voters about his work to sustain and further suffrage, including the John Lewis Voting Rights Act in 2022.
  • Casey kicked off the second half of his “On Our Side” statewide campaign at City Hall, where he’s focusing on his support of voting, women’s, and workers rights. 

WCAU: Senator Casey Joins Local Philadelphia Leaders to Discuss Voting Rights

WPGH: Senator Casey Attends Pennsylvania State Education Association Labor Rights Rally 

  • Reporter: Senator Bob Casey was in Bethel Park today to encourage young workers to get out and vote. The Senator focused on voter, worker and reproductive rights. He pointed to the Dobbs decision two years ago that reversed Roe v Wade and asked the crowd if they could trust the Supreme Court not to reverse laws that are even older.

Sharon Herald: Casey: 2024 election about ‘one word’ — rights

  • We will never be involved in an election more consequential than this one,” he told a meeting of the Democrat Women of Mercer County Monday at the county Democratic headquarters in Sharon.
  • “Our state will decide the presidential race, or come close to it. Our state will help determine the Senate majority. So, no pressure.” Casey, who is running for a fourth term in the U.S. Senate, spoke to and took questions from 16 members of the organization during a campaign swing through western Pennsylvania.

Record-Argus: Casey hears local concerns on perception of economy, climate initiatives

  • Roughly 130 days out from the November election, U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D) was in downtown Sharon, Monday, listening to the concerns on the minds of some local voters, specifically the Democrat Women of Mercer County.
  • Casey said he believes there are a lot of rights on the line: voting rights, women’s right and even the right to organize a union.
  • “I think rights are on the line in this election in a way that we couldn’t have even imagined five or six years ago,” [Casey] said. “Today, of course, we’re marking two years since the Dobbs case, which changed the whole landscape of the country for women and a lot of families. I think it reminds us of how consequential this election is. I’ve said it before. I don’t think we’ll be involved in a more consequential election.”

WJET/WFXP: US Sen. Bob Casey rallies for labor rights in Erie with ‘On Our Side Road Trip’

  • U.S. Senator Bob Casey made an appearance in Erie Tuesday morning completing the second leg of the “On Our Side Road Trip” with a rally for labor rights.
  • “When you drive around this year and you see infrastructure dollars at work on our bridges and on our roads and on our highways, that’s because of the work of Bob Casey. If you’re paying less for insulin this year, that’s because of Senator Bob Casey. Bob Casey has been a relentless fighter for us, and all the folks inside this building today are here to fight for Bob Casey this year,” said [State Senate candidate Jim] Wertz.

WICU: Senator Casey at Labor Rally in Erie  

  • Reporter: US Senator Bob Casey today visiting Erie County, voicing his support for union rights and touting the Democratic tax plan. The three term incumbent today addressed supporters at UE Local 506’s union hall in Lawrence Park along with Jim Wertz who’s running for a state senate campaign. Casey called on Congress to pass the PRO Act which would guarantee the rights of workers to organize.