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ICYMI: Bob Casey Campaigns in Chester County

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Senator Casey Visited Chester County On Saturday For A Meet-And-Greet

PENNSYLVANIA – Senator Bob Casey visited Chester County on Saturday for a meet-and-greet with the Chester County Democrats, local leaders, and community leaders in Phoenixville. 


The event opened with remarks from Chester County Commissioner Marian Moskowitz, who commended Senator Casey’s bipartisan leadership on behalf of children, seniors, and those with disabilities, his consistent fight for working people, and the investments he has delivered locally and statewide.

“Senator Casey is a Pennsylvania native, born and bred, and he doesn’t forget his roots,” said Commissioner Moskowitz. “We all know how important that is every day because what he brings back to this community – it’s for us. It’s not for the big corporations … it’s for the working people.”

In his remarks, Senator Casey stressed the importance of this election and what is at stake, including women’s rights, workers’ rights, and voting rights.

“Whose side are you on? When [voters] ask that question, I’m going to be able to prove whose side by what I’ve done,” said Senator Casey. “It’s pretty clear whose side [David McCormick] is going to be on. He has already told us over and over … If he were to win this race, he would be a part of the MAGA majority… When they get power, they want to cut programs for families, rig the tax code, and rig the courts.”

In addition to Commissioner Moskowitz, Senator Casey was joined by local leaders including Mayor of Phoenixville Peter Urscheler, State Representative Paul Friel, and Chester County Democratic Women’s Leadership Initiative Chair Michele Vaughn.