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ICYMI: Senator Casey Launches “Seniors for Casey” Coalition 

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Citizens’ Voice Letter to the Editor: “It’s Critically Important That We Elect Candidates Who Will Fight For Seniors, Like U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, Who Has Delivered For Seniors Time And Again”

More Than 100 Seniors Across Pennsylvania Joined “Seniors for Casey” In Support Of Bob Casey’s Re-Election Campaign

PENNSYLVANIA – Last week, more than 100 seniors across the Commonwealth came together to launch the Seniors for Casey coalition, a group of Pennsylvania seniors leading the effort to re-elect Senator Casey. Senator Casey has championed issues affecting older Americans, including fighting to lower costs, protect seniors from scams and financial exploitation, hold long-term care facilities accountable, and safeguard Social Security and Medicare.

What They’re Saying:

WHYY: Sen. Casey touts work on committee for aging after AARP poll shows tie with McCormick among older voters

  • As chair [the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging], Casey said he has advocated for funding to sustain programs that support older Americans, such as home health services and meal delivery. He has also supported programs that combat scams using artificial intelligence to target seniors.
  • Casey said he is particularly proud of the effort to cap insulin costs at $35 a month for seniors and called it “a major win” for Democrats in Congress. He said such progress would come to a standstill if his opponent and the Republicans win.
  • Casey is currently in the middle of negotiating the reauthorization of the Older Americans Act which, enacted in 2019, provides support for seniors living on their own at home by funding for meal delivery and home health care services.

Pennsylvania Capital-Star: New Casey campaign coalition puts focus on senior voters in Pennsylvania

  • The “Seniors for Casey” coalition has more than 100 seniors across the commonwealth, including former Gov. Ed Rendell, former Philadelphia Mayor John Street, and former International Vice President of SEIU Rosemary Trump.
  • “This coalition will help ensure his priorities for seniors are shared throughout the state from now until election day through events, outreach, organizing, and conversations within their communities,” Maddy McDaniel, spokesperson for Bob Casey for Senate, told the Capital-Star. “Senator Casey has championed seniors’ issues throughout his time in the Senate and this coalition is just another way he is centering them in his work.”
  • Casey, who is seeking a fourth term in the U.S. Senate serves as the Chairman of the Special Committee on Aging. His campaign points to Casey’s efforts on lowering costs, protecting seniors from scams and financial exploitation, holding long-term care facilities accountable, and protecting Social Security and Medicare. He’s also been endorsed by the National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare, a left-leaning advocacy group. 

National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare

  • Senator Bob Casey’s (D-PA) campaign is launching a new initiative to court older voters for 2024! Our PAC endorsed Sen. Casey — and we’re doing everything we can to let seniors know which candidates stand for Social Security and Medicare – and which don’t.

Citizens’ Voice Letter to the Editor: Casey has been a champion for PA seniors

  • It’s critically important that we elect candidates who will fight for seniors, like U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, who has delivered for seniors time and again.
  • Meanwhile, his opponent, David McCormick, appears intent on slashing seniors’ benefits, saying they “aren’t sustainable” and his children won’t “be able to live under the same entitlements that all of us here are.” That would significantly raise the cost of living for me and millions of Pennsylvania seniors.
  • McCormick has criticized the Inflation Reduction Act, something Casey fought for, which allows Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices, caps out-of-pocket medical expenses and caps insulin at $35 a month for seniors. […] Thanks to this law, many Pennsylvania seniors will no longer have to make gut-wrenching decisions between paying their utility bill or for medications and treatment.
  • But McCormick’s idea to make cuts to seniors’ benefits would bring us back to a bleak reality where too many seniors would be unable to heat their homes, pay for groceries or keep the lights on as they try to cover medical expenses.
  • As we use this month to remind ourselves of the commitment our country has made to care for our seniors, let us not forget in November that McCormick is turning his back on Pennsylvania seniors.

Bucks County Beacon Letter to the Editor: Why I’m chairing the recently launched Seniors for Casey coalition

  • As an experienced leader and advocate, I have witnessed Senator Casey’s efforts to fight for seniors as Chairman of the Senate Special Committee on Aging. Senator Casey has led efforts to ensure that our nation’s seniors have the resources and support they need in their older years.
  • I was born just after Social Security was adopted in 1935. At that time, America was suffering economic and social stresses that almost ended our capital-based free market economy. Our country was utterly unprepared to deal with the consequences from the Great Depression. Suddenly, tens of millions of Americans, including millions of seniors, found themselves hung out to dry – retirement and savings accounts completely wiped out.
  • That’s why at 85 years old, I am deeply involved in organizations that are trying to protect Social Security, and it is why I am now chairing the Bob Casey for Seniors coalition. I want to ensure Pennsylvanians are electing someone like Senator Casey who’s on the side of seniors and will fight for us in Washington.
  • To this day, cynical political manipulators, including Senator Casey’s opponent, David McCormick, want to weaken Social Security, making it harder for our children to secure their financial future. McCormick does not want to fully fund Social Security. Instead, he wants to cut this important program to give tax breaks to the ultra-wealthy.  
  • Re-electing Senator Bob Casey to the Senate will assure the continuity of Social Security, a crucial lifeline for so many Pennsylvanians. It’s why I’ll be voting for him this November and will be encouraging every Pennsylvanian as chair of Seniors for Casey to cast their vote for him.