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Bob Casey for Senate Launches “Seniors for Casey” Coalition 

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More Than 100 Seniors Across Pennsylvania Join “Seniors for Casey” In Support Of Bob Casey’s Re-Election Campaign

Bob Casey Has Fought To Lower Costs, Protect Seniors From Financial Scams, Safeguard Social Security And Medicare From Cuts, And More

PENNSYLVANIA – As we recognize Older Americans Month, more than 100 seniors across the Commonwealth are coming together to launch the Seniors for Casey coalition, a group of Pennsylvania seniors leading the effort to re-elect Senator Casey.

Senator Casey has championed issues affecting older Americans. He has fought to lower costs, protect seniors from scams and financial exploitation, hold long-term care facilities accountable, and safeguard Social Security and Medicare from drastic cuts. His work for seniors has earned him the endorsement of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare, calling him “one of the best friends that seniors have in the Senate.”

Meanwhile, his opponent, David McCormick, has supported putting Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block. During his 2022 Senate campaign, McCormick pushed to gut Social Security and Medicare, a move that would increase health care costs and rip away benefits earned through a lifetime of work from millions of Pennsylvanians. He has said entitlements like Social Security and Medicare “aren’t sustainable” and that he wants to “roll back” the Inflation Reduction Act, which allows Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices for seniors.

The coalition includes seniors across the Commonwealth, from Erie to Delaware Counties, including Representative Eddie Day Pashinski (D-Luzerne); Ed Rendell, Former Governor of Pennsylvania; John F. Street, Former Mayor of Philadelphia; Jannie Blackwell, Former Philadelphia District 3 Councilmember; Dave Coder, Former Greene County Commissioner; Mae Krier, an original Rosie the Riveter and recipient of a Rosie the Riveter Congressional Gold Medal; and Rosemary Trump, Former International Vice President of SEIU and President of SEIU, Local 585.

Hear from the chairs of the Seniors for Casey coalition:

“Bob Casey is for the people. Not for himself, but for all of us Pennsylvanians. He cares about seniors, he believes in helping people, and he has done so much for the average person. I can’t explain how important it is that we keep Bob Casey as our Senator,” said Angie Gialloreto of Allegheny County, Chair of Seniors for Casey. “He has proven his capability, he has earned our vote, and now he has a job to finish.”

“I have known and trusted Bob Casey long before he first ran for U.S. Senator,” said Brad Kirsch of Bucks County, Chair of Seniors for Casey. “ As an experienced leader and advocate for seniors, I have witnessed Senator Casey’s efforts as Chairman of the Senate Special Committee on Aging. Senator Casey has led efforts to ensure that our nation’s seniors have the resources and support they need in their older years. I was born just after Social Security was adopted in 1935. We should never abandon this foundational support that has served our needs and the re-election of Senator Casey will assure its continuity.”

“Fighting for the rights of the disabled is not just about providing accommodations. It is about making all citizens equal in the eyes of the government and the law. Throughout his tenure in Washington, Senator Casey has fought consistently and committedly for seniors and people with disabilities. He has worked across the aisle to pass bipartisan legislation that addresses everyday issues in people’s lives,” said Pamela Stroman Gibson of Philadelphia County, Chair of Seniors for Casey. “Senator Casey doesn’t need a push from constituents to fight for these things – he does it because it’s right. As a caregiver and a person with a disability, it is important to me to have someone like that representing Pennsylvania.”

The coalition includes:

  • John A., Jefferson County
  • Marilyn A., Westmoreland County
  • Mary Lou A., Lancaster County
  • Paul A., Erie County
  • Kimberley B., Centre County
  • Jannie B., Philadelphia County
  • Bibiana B., Westmoreland County
  • Connie B., Cambria County
  • Kevin B., Berks County
  • Vickie B., Centre County
  • Bea B., Lebanon County
  • Sylvia B., Philadelphia County
  • Mary Jo C., Erie County
  • Bill C., Bucks County
  • Paul C., Philadelphia County
  • Michael C., Philadelphia County 
  • Mary C., Delaware County
  • Dave C., Greene County
  • Mike C., Allegheny County
  • Ruth Ann D., Delaware County
  • Andrew D., Westmoreland County
  • Bernie D., Erie County
  • Louisa D., Monroe County
  • Mary D., Centre County
  • Harriet E., Westmoreland County
  • Janet E., Delaware County
  • Ann F., Philadelphia County
  • Cheryl F.. Philadelphia County
  • Vanessa F., Philadelphia County
  • Angie G., Allegheny County
  • Pam G., Philadelphia County
  • Dianne G., Centre County
  • Colleen G., Delaware County
  • Drew H., Philadelphia County
  • Lauren H., Philadelphia County
  • Jean H., Philadelphia County
  • Bonny H., Philadelphia County
  • Ken H., Allegheny County
  • Evelyn I., Montgomery County
  • Maxine J., Philadelphia County
  • Ellaina K., Wayne County
  • Brad K., Bucks County
  • Daniel K., Westmoreland County
  • Sandy K., Westmoreland County
  • Mae K., Bucks County
  • Eileen K., Westmoreland County
  • Stephen K., Philadelphia County
  • Michael K., Erie County
  • Joyce B. L., Pike County
  • William L., Erie County
  • Peggy L., Dauphin County
  • Janice M., Lebanon County
  • Elayne M., Allegheny County
  • Ellen M., Allegheny County
  • Frank “Mickey” M., Lackawanna County
  • Joseph M., Erie County
  • Roseanne M., Montgomery County
  • Vicki M., Philadelphia County
  • Karen M., Susquehanna County
  • Christine M., Erie County
  • Karen M., Erie County
  • Sondra M., Lackawanna County
  • Morey M., Lackawanna County
  • Edwina N., Berks County
  • Arnell “Arnie” N., Allegheny County
  • Debbie N., Chester County
  • Pam N., Erie County
  • Carolyn O., Erie County
  • Eddie P., Luzerne County
  • Claudia P., Philadelphia County
  • Cindy P., Erie County
  • Debbie R., Lebanon County 
  • Joan R., Susquehanna County 
  • Ed R., Philadelphia County
  • Kathryn R., Lawrence County 
  • Jane R., Philadelphia County
  • Michael R., Erie County 
  • Cherri R., Westmoreland County 
  • Marcia R., Philadelphia County 
  • Catherine S., Philadelphia County 
  • Cheryl S., Erie County 
  • Miriam S., Union County 
  • James S., Westmoreland County 
  • Kenneth S., Erie County 
  • Dick S., Dauphin County
  • Kathy S., Dauphin County
  • Diana S., Westmoreland County 
  • John S., Philadelphia County 
  • Sam T., Erie County 
  • Rick T., Union County 
  • Anne T., Monroe County 
  • Rosemary T., Allegheny County  
  • Judy T., Philadelphia County 
  • Mary Esther V.S., Allegheny County 
  • Samuel V., Allegheny County 
  • Robin W., Pike County 
  • Cherie W., Dauphin County
  • Ken W., Dauphin County
  • Deb W., Chester County
  • Timothy Y., Philadelphia County
  • Jody Z., Wayne County