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What They’re Saying: Senator Bob Casey Fights Back Against “Shrinkflation”

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USA Today: “Casey’s Legislation…Gives the Federal Trade Commission and State Attorneys General Authority to Crack Down on Companies That Skimp on Product But Don’t Cut Prices to Reflect It”

PENNSYLVANIA – Senator Bob Casey is fighting back against greedy corporations that are making Pennsylvania families pay more for less product at the grocery store. Senator Casey continues to tackle greedflation and work to lower costs for working families.

What They’re Saying: 

USA Today: ‘Shrinkflation’ fight: Dems launch bill saying shoppers pay more for less at stores

  • Casey’s legislation, dubbed the Shrinkflation Prevention Act of 2024, gives the Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys general authority to crack down on companies that skimp on product but don’t cut prices to reflect it.
  • “Corporations are trying to pull the wool over our eyes by shrinking their products without reducing their prices − anyone on a tight budget sees it every time they go to the grocery store,” Casey told USA TODAY in a statement. “… I’m fighting to crack down on shrinkflation and hold corporations accountable for these deceptive practices.”
  • Casey also has criticized a broader concept, dubbed greedflation, which occurs when corporations raise prices faster than inflation to justify higher prices.

PennLive: Sen. Casey fights shrinkflation at grocery stores: ‘Families are sick and tired’

  • The Shrinkflation Prevention Act targets corporations Casey, who is a co-sponsor of the bill, said are deceiving shoppers by selling smaller sizes without lowering prices. Under the act, the Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys generals would have authority to crack down on companies that practice shrinkflation.
  • Last year, Casey started releasing a series of “greedflation” reports on the topic, including one before Thanksgiving called “Stuffing Their Pockets: How Big Food and Agriculture Businesses Are Making Your Holiday Meals More Expensive.”
  • Casey noted companies that process food are increasing prices for staples and questioned why the hikes were necessary during the holidays. He also sent letters to the Federal Trade Commission and U.S. Department of Agriculture requesting the agencies investigate “possible unfair pricing practices of major chicken and pork processors in the United States.”
  • His final report was released in January and targeted junk and hidden fees.

WTAE: Shrinkflation bill introduced by Sen. Bob Casey

  • Sen. Bob Casey has introduced the Shrinkflation Protection Act, designed to stop companies from decreasing the amount of product being sold at the same or higher price.
  • Casey said the categories with the highest shrinkflation are paper products, snacks, candy and chewing gum, cleaning products and coffee.

CBS Pittsburgh: Because of shrinkflation, consumers need to be wary in grocery store

  • Senator Bob Casey introduced the Shrinkflation Prevention Act, a bill designed to stop companies from reducing the size of their products without a corresponding price reduction.
  • Shrinkflation is all around us, says Paul Miller, a national expert on the topic.
  • In several reports, Casey has documented the problem, with examples like a 5 percent decrease in the size of a Doritos package, a 6 percent decrease in Oreos, a 12 percent decrease in Wheat Thins, a 12 percent decrease in Gatorade and a 28 percent decrease in Great Value Ultra Strong Toilet Paper.
  • Miller supports Sen. Casey’s bill to make shrinkflation an illegal, unfair and deceptive practice.