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What Pennsylvanians Are Saying: Bob Casey Delivers Critical Infrastructure Investments for Rural Pennsylvania

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Donald Bonk: “Casey Has Been Our Voice and Vote to Make Sure That Our Region of Pennsylvania Gets Our Fair Share of [the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law]”

Donald Bonk: “David McCormick Said That His No. 1 Priority Would be to “Roll Back” the Infrastructure Law if He Were Elected to the U.S. Senate”

PENNSYLVANIA – Pennsylvanians are praising Senator Bob Casey’s leadership for delivering critical infrastructure investments to regions of rural Pennsylvania as part of the bipartisan infrastructure law he passed into law. 

Read What Pennsylvanians Are Saying About Senator Casey’s Leadership in Delivering Historic Investments for Rural Pennsylvania: 

Tribune-Democrat: Who is investing in our region

  • Johnstown and the Cambria County region have long needed significant infrastructure investments to remain competitive. Since the bipartisan infrastructure law was passed by the Senate in 2021, it is clearly delivering important benefits for everyone locally and nationally.
  • Local benefits include the millions in funding for rehabilitating Johnstown’s historic train station. It also includes funding for a second daily train to and from Johnstown and Pittsburgh by 2026 that offers new opportunities for commuting, business, health care and education. There is the $1 million to upgrade the John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport that serves as our business and travel gateway to the world. The bipartisan infrastructure law invested in the resurfacing of state Route 271 and the completion of a project that shored up existing flood protections for Johnstown. It has improved broadband internet access for our rural areas and provided subsidies to access it.
  • U.S. Sen. Bob Casey voted for the bill that delivered all those investments to our region and beyond. It was so surprising, then, to hear that David McCormick said that his No. 1 priority would be to “roll back” the infrastructure law if he were elected to the U.S. Senate. Which of the vital projects described above does McCormick suggest that we might roll back?
  • Meanwhile, Casey has been our voice and vote to make sure that our region of Pennsylvania gets our fair share of this important national investment.