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WATCH: Bob Casey Unveils New Greedflation Ad on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell

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Senator Casey On MSNBC: “This Question Of Lowering The Costs For Families And Talking About Greedflation And Shrinkflation, People Get It, No Matter Where They Are, Red Or Blue Counties.”

“We Gotta Crack Down On It, Expose It, Pass A Price Gouging Bill, And Roll Back Those Corporate Tax Cuts.”

PENNSYLVANIA – Senator Casey joined Lawrence O’Donnell last night on The Last Word to unveil his second campaign ad, “Fleeced.” The ad focuses on Senator Casey’s fight against greedflation and for working families. Senator Casey and Lawrence discussed the state of the Pennsylvania Senate and 2024 presidential races and how Democrats have delivered for Pennsylvanians and Americans.

Watch the full MSNBC interview HERE.