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WATCH: Bob Casey Talks Campaign Priorities, His Fight on Greedflation, and Contrast with His Opponent in New Interview

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Senator Casey: “We’ve Got to Crack Down on These Big Corporations Whether They’re Engaged in Shrinkflation or Greedflation Because it’s Ripping People Off and it’s About Time We Took Action Against it.”

Senator Casey: “[My Opponent’s] on the Other Side. He Wants to Repeal the Infrastructure Bill, Repeal the Legislation That Gave Medicare the Power to Negotiate Lower Prescription Drug Costs.”

Watch the full interview HERE

PENNSYLVANIA – In a new interview on MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, Senator Bob Casey laid out the contrast between his fight to lower costs for Pennsylvania and create good-paying jobs and his opponent’s plan to raise prescription drug prices and cut jobs. He also continued to highlight his fight to crack down on greedflation and shrinkflation by greedy corporations that are ripping off working families.

Watch the full MSNBC interview HERE

  • Senator Casey: “[…] In a larger sense, it’s about a much, much greater problem, which is greedflation. [It is] big corporations jacking up their prices – the cost of food, the price of household items, and raising those prices way above their cost. 
  • Corporate profits in the two years between July of ‘20 to July of ‘22, corporate profits were up 75% – five times the rate of inflation, that is a rip-off. On a grander scale, that is greedflation. 
  • […] So, we’ve got to crack down on these big corporations whether they’re engaged in shrinkflation or greedflation because it’s ripping people off and it’s about time we took action against it.
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  • I voted for the infrastructure bill […] On all these issues, my opponent in the race, the Republican candidate who just endorsed Donald Trump last week, he’s on the other side. He wants to repeal the infrastructure bill, repeal the legislation that gave Medicare the power to negotiate lower prescription drug costs and also enshrined in the law that cap on insulin. 
  • […] on every one of these issues, I’m on one side, he’s on the other.