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In Press Conference, Bob Casey Highlights His Fight to Deliver for Pennsylvania Veterans

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Congressman Chris Deluzio: “I Know [Bob Casey’s] Got Our Backs as Veterans and I Know That We’ll Have His Back Come November.”

U.S. Army Veteran Chad Baer: “I’m Not a Party Line Voter. Bob Casey Earned My Support. He Went Above and Beyond for the Veteran Community.”

PENNSYLVANIA – Today, Bob Casey held a virtual press conference to highlight his fight to deliver for veterans across Pennsylvania after his campaign released its first TV ad, “Stench.” He was joined by members of the Veterans for Casey coalition, including Congressman Chris Deluzio and veteran Chad Baer, who was featured in the ad.

“We want to make sure [the PACT Act] works for every single veteran who has earned the right to get these benefits – to save lives and to improve the lives of veterans, ” said Senator Bob Casey. “This wasn’t in place in time for so many veterans that Chad knew and that Jack and other veterans know, but the best way to pay tribute to their sacrifice is to make sure this thing works, and that every single veteran and every single family that should benefit, indeed has those benefits.”

“I’m proud to be backing Bob Casey in this race,” said Congressman Chris Deluzio. “He’s a Pennsylvania guy through and through. I know he’s got our backs as veterans and I know that we’ll have his back come November.”

“Having worked with Congress for years, I can attest how important it is to have a dedicated public servant that is accountable to the residents of Pennsylvania – not accountable to big hedge fund donors, special interests, or a political party leader that makes legislators toe the line,” said U.S. Army veteran Chad Baer. “I’m not a party line voter. Bob Casey earned my support. He went above and beyond for the veteran community.”

“Senator Casey has been a fierce advocate for veterans and has delivered monumental legislation that has improved the lives and wellbeing of those who have worn the uniform,” said Jack Inacker, volunteer leader of the Veterans for Casey coalition. “Senator Casey understands that our government must honor its covenant with our troops.”