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Senator Bob Casey is Fighting to Protect American Workers From AI Making Employment Decisions

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City and State PA: Bob Casey talks ‘robot bosses’ and the need to regulate AI

Senator Casey: “The Reality of the Workplace is that Technology Now is Taking the Place of Human Interaction…We’ve Got to Make Sure That We Put Constraints On and Have Guardrails to Protect Workers.”

PENNSYLVANIA – Senator Bob Casey has introduced legislation protecting American workers from artificial intelligence that could make discriminatory or unfair automated employment decisions on hiring, disciplinary actions, and firing. Senator Casey’s push to place guardrails on artificial intelligence technology is the latest in his decades-long fight for Pennsylvania and American workers on everything from higher wages to workplace protections and job security.

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WTAJ: Sen. Casey introduces bill to protect from AI and bots

  • The No Robot Bosses Act would safeguard workers’ rights, autonomy and dignity in the workplace from discriminatory decisions and dangerous working conditions being set by algorithms.
  • “Right now, there is nothing stopping a corporation from using artificial intelligence to hire, manage, or even fire workers without the involvement of a human being,” Casey said. “As robot bosses become more prevalent in the workplace, we have an obligation to protect working families from the dangers of employers misusing and abusing these novel technologies.”

Fox 56: Senator Bob Casey proposes ‘No Robot Bosses Act’ to protect employees from AI termination

  • Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey says he wants to make sure you aren’t terminated from your job by a robot. It’s part of a bill he’s calling the “No Robot Bosses Act.” He says it will protect job seekers and employees from falling victim to artificial intelligence.
  • You can’t have workers fired by robots,” said Senator Casey. “You can’t have workers interacting with an artificial intelligence functionary as opposed to a human being. “

Pennsylvania Capital-Star: Casey introduces AI bills aimed at protecting workers from potential employer abuses

  • “Today, algorithms and automated decision systems have vast implications for employment decisions, worker rights, and safety in the workplace,” Casey wrote. “Without oversight and safeguards, these ‘robot bosses’ increase the risks of discrimination, unfair disciplinary actions, and dangerous working conditions.”
  • The legislation would prohibit employers from relying solely on automated systems for employment related decisions, require testing before and during use to scan for issues like discrimination and biases, and mandate human oversight of automated decision systems before using them to assist with employment-related decisions.

NBC News: Sen. Casey rolls out bills to protect workers from AI surveillance and ‘robot bosses’

  • “I think generally everyone around here is keenly focused on providing a strategy to confront what can only be described as an awesome challenge for the country,” Casey, who serves on the committee that oversees labor issues, told NBC News.“There are also some opportunities with AI, but the challenge of it is — I don’t think I have to exaggerate that.”
  • The bill would also force employers to provide real-life, human oversight over AI’s use in the workplace before an automated system makes an employment-related decision — such as during the hiring process, when adding or removing work shifts, or when firing a worker based on their performance.