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NEW TV AD: Bob Casey Highlights Record Supporting Bipartisan Job-Creating, Cost-Lowering Legislation

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Watch Bob Casey’s New TV Ad “Engine” Here

PENNSYLVANIA — Today, Senator Bob Casey released “Engine,” a new TV ad highlighting his support for the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act, legislation that will lower costs for consumers and create hundreds of thousands of jobs across Pennsylvania.

Senator Casey voted to pass legislation to invest in American technology and manufacturing, strengthen supply chains, and protect our national and economic security. His work on the CHIPS and Science Act demonstrates his commitment to American workers and industry, lowering costs, and working across the aisle to deliver for families across the Commonwealth.

Read a transcript of “Engine” Below.

Bob Casey: They’re the engine that powers our economy.

Without them, our cars would be stuck in neutral, our food would spoil, and our screens would go dark.

But ninety-percent of our advanced semiconductor chips were being made in Asia, creating havoc in our supply chains and raising costs.

That’s why I worked with Republicans and Democrats to pass the CHIPS and Science Act.

To produce on our own chips right here in America.

I’m Bob Casey and I approve this message, because we’re doing right for consumers and our country.