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NEW TV AD: Bob Casey Highlights Fight for American-Made Steel in New Campaign Ad

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Watch Bob Casey’s New TV Ad “Take That” Here

PENNSYLVANIA — Today, Senator Bob Casey released “Take That,” a new TV ad highlighting his support for American-manufactured steel and working people in Pennsylvania.

Senator Casey fought to pass a law ensuring federal infrastructure projects are built with American steel. He is committed to protecting Pennsylvania’s steel industry and is a champion for our workers and the good union jobs that have supported working families in the Commonwealth for generations.

“Senator Casey is a champion for Pennsylvanians workers and industry. While he was fighting to ensure federal infrastructure projects are built with American steel, his opponent David McCormick was investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in foreign competitors,” said Bernie Hall, director of USW District 10, which includes 50,000 Steelworkers in the state of Pennsylvania. “Senator Casey has proven that he stands with working people – his opponent stands with Wall Street billionaires. Senator Casey is the best advocate Pennsylvania steelworkers have in Washington.”

“My family has worked at the Cleveland Cliffs Butler Works steel mill for generations, just like so many families in our community,” said UAW Local 3303 President Jamie Sychak. “Senator Casey has stood up for working families like mine by fighting to protect Pennsylvania’s steel industry and the good union jobs it creates. Meanwhile, his opponent David McCormick was outsourcing American jobs to line his own pockets. We need someone that will stand with Pennsylvania workers, not sell us out to the highest bidder.”

Read a transcript of “Take That” Below. 

Workers: Pennsylvania steel built America.

Our bridges, buildings, and skylines.

But yinz wouldn’t believe it. Our own government turned their backs on us.

Using Chinese steel to build our infrastructure.

We were getting screwed.

Bob Casey said no way.

No way.

No way.

Casey passed a law requiring federal infrastructure be built with American steel.

American steel.

Take that, China.

Senator Casey: I’m Bob Casey. I’ll always stand up to China to protect American workers.

That’s why I approve this message.