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NEW TV AD: Bob Casey Takes On Corporate Greed and Shrinkflation

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Watch Bob Casey’s TV Ad “Shrinky Dink” Here

WFMJ: Sen. Casey Introduces Bill to Stop ‘Shrinkflation’

Bob Casey: “My Plan Gives the Federal Trade Commission the Power to Punish Corporate Price-Gouging”

PENNSYLVANIA — Today, Senator Bob Casey released “Shrinky Dink,” a new TV ad highlighting his fight against corporate greed and shrinkflation — when big corporations shrink their products but maintain — or even raise — their prices. 

Senator Casey has introduced legislation that would allow the Federal Trade Commission to investigate price-gouging and go after deceptive practices by corporations.

Over the last several months, Bob has exposed how greedy corporations are ripping off Americans, from charging excess junk fees to shrinking the size of their products while selling them at the same price. Under the smokescreen of inflation, big corporations have raised their prices while their corporate profits rose by more than 74 percent — nearly five times the rate of inflation. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, big corporations have been shrinking some of the products households rely on most:  

  • The prices of household paper products have gone up by nearly 35% while the products have shrunk. 
  • The prices of household cleaning products have gone up 24.5% while the products have shrunk. 
  • The prices of processed fruits and vegetables have gone up 23.7% while the products have shrunk. 

Senator Casey is leading the charge against greedflation and shrinkflation to put more money back in the pockets of working people. He’s fighting against the corporate tax giveaways that have hurt working people and support tax cuts for the middle class. 

Read a transcript of “Shrinky Dink” Below. 

Bob Casey: They hope you won’t notice. CEOs sneak around, downsize favorite brands charging more for less. Same packaging, smaller box, familiar logo, fewer servings. 

I’m Bob Casey. I call it shrinkflation. My plan gives the Federal Trade Commission the power to punish corporate price-gouging. 

And let’s roll back their huge tax breaks to put more money where it belongs, in your pocket. 

That’s why I approve this message.