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ICYMI: Bob Casey Campaigns Across the Commonwealth

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Senator Casey Made Campaign Stops from Dauphin County to Erie County, Meeting with Voters, Receiving Labor Endorsements, and Opening a New Coordinated Campaign Office

Wellsboro Gazette: Tioga County Event was “Standing Room Only, With Residents Of All Political Stripes Turning Out To Meet Casey”

PENNSYLVANIA – Last week, Senator Bob Casey traversed the Commonwealth, hitting stops in Dauphin, Tioga, Allegheny, and Erie counties. He kicked off the week in Harrisburg on Monday for a sit down interview with Dennis Owens on This Week in Pa, where he discussed the state of the race and his goals for a fourth term. On Tuesday, he traveled to Blossburg for a meet and greet with the Tioga County Democrats. He then traveled to western Pennsylvania on Wednesday, starting the day with a coordinated campaign office opening in Erie and wrapping in North Fayette to receive the endorsement of the Pittsburgh Regional Building Trades Council.

What They’re Saying:

Pittsburgh Union Progress: ‘The right to organize is on the line,’ Casey says as he picks up labor endorsement

  • Casey explained the importance of endorsements by unions and labor organizations like the one that offered its support on Wednesday. “A lot of the major issues we’re debating in this country — energy and how to build a clean energy economy, how to create jobs, how to push back against climate change and not leave workers behind — all of those dynamics are at play in the work that they do,” he said. “They bring a level of experience to these debates that sometimes politicians don’t have. So we benefit from learning from and listening to those members and those leaders in the trades.”
  • Edward J. Bigley, business manager of Plumbers Union Local 27, said, “The building trades support candidates that support us” and called Casey “a champion of the working man, organized labor and more so the building trades.” Greg Bernarding, business manager of the trade council, described Casey as “someone we can count on to have our backs. He has a proven record of fighting for workers including backing efforts to protect union jobs and successfully passing the bipartisan infrastructure law that is creating thousands of union jobs right here in Pennsylvania.”

Erie News Now: U.S. Sen. Bob Casey Visits Erie, Focuses on Economy

  • U.S. Sen. Bob Casey […] spoke to supporters at Erie Democratic Party headquarters.
  • In particular, Casey focused on economic issues, like capping the cost of insulin for people on Medicare and calling out record corporate profits in the wake of the pandemic.
  • “When they send their tax dollars to Washington, they should have a right to have those tax dollars come back for investments in their communities, investments in their families,” said Casey. “They should have their tax dollars go to growth, not obscene tax cuts for billionaires and very wealthy Americans and these big multinational corporations.”

Your Erie: Senator Bob Casey visits Erie County Dems as election season heats up

  • U.S. Senator Bob Casey made an appearance at the Erie Democratic Headquarters Wednesday morning. He met with other leaders and those a part of the democratic party to announce the official opening of the Biden-Harris coordinated campaign office.
  • “My race is likely to be the race or one of the two races or three races at the most to decide the majority in the United States Senate. We cannot allow extreme right-wing Republicans to take over the majority,” Senator Casey said.
  • Casey explained that one of the biggest issues in the region is lowering cost for families. He’s recently released a series of ‘greedflation’ reports that he began in November where he encourages people to take action against ‘sneaky fees’ driven by what he calls corporate greed.

Wellsboro Gazette: Sen. Casey visits Blossburg, hosted by Dems

  • U.S. Senator Bob Casey visited Tioga County on Tuesday, March 26 with a stop at The Farmer’s Table in Blossburg. Casey was hosted by the Tioga County Democrats. The Tioga County commissioners also attended. The Farmer’s Table was standing room only, with residents of all political stripes turning out to meet Casey.
  • Casey outlined the funding that Tioga County has received: $3 million for a Cowanesque Lake project, $1.3 million for a bridge over Mill Creek and $1 million for Broad Acres Nursing Home in Wellsboro. Casey also touted the recent 5.2% pay raise for military, and focused particular attention on the $12 million that came to Tioga County through the American Rescue Plan as well as the $15 million that local school districts received.
  • “When you give families help raising their children, that works for everyone. I just want to keep investing in communities like Blossburg,” said Casey.
  • Tioga County Democrats chairperson Gabe Hakvaag urged the Democrats in the crowd to continue the “momentum, energy and support.” “[…] When we come out and support Casey, we’re saying this is what we want.”