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NEW TV AD: Bob Casey Fights Corporate Greed to Lower Costs for Pennsylvanians 

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Watch Bob Casey’s TV Ad “Fleeced” Here

Watch Senator Casey Discuss The Ad and His Fight To Lower Costs And Hold Big Corporations Accountable With Lawrence O’Donnell On The Last Word Here

“Corporations Raising Prices 5% Faster Than Inflation. Bob Casey Calls It Greedflation — And He’s Fighting Back.” 

PENNSYLVANIA — Today, Senator Bob Casey released “Fleeced,” a new TV ad highlighting his fight against greedflation to hold big corporations accountable for raising prices on working families while they rake in record profits. 

Over the last several months, Bob has exposed how greedy corporations are ripping off Americans, from charging excess junk fees to shrinking the size of their products while selling them at the same price. Now, he is leading the charge against greedflation to put more money back in the pockets of working people. He’s working to crack down on price gouging and to fight back against corporate tax giveaways that have raised taxes on working people.

Bob Casey has always stood up for Pennsylvania workers and families. Ranked one of the most effective and bipartisan senators in Washington, Bob Casey has worked across the aisle to lower the cost of insulin for seniors, expand the Child Tax Credit, and cut health care costs for families across the Commonwealth. Pennsylvanians deserve a Senator who’s got their backs against big corporations and is delivering the financial relief they deserve — and that’s Bob Casey. 

Read a transcript of “Fleeced” Below.

VO: Chicken prices 35% higher – the producer doubled their profits

Toilet paper up 10% — profits increased $100 million.

Corporations raising prices 5 times faster than inflation.

Bob Casey calls it greedflation — and he’s fighting back. 

Bob Casey: I’m Bob Casey. My plan gives the Federal Trade Commission the power to punish corporate price-gouging. 

And let’s roll back their huge corporate tax breaks, putting money in your pocket instead. 

That’s why I approve this message.