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Good Morning America Highlights Bob Casey’s Fight to Crack Down on “Shrinkflation”

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ABC News Correspondent Trevor Ault: “Last Week, Senator Casey Introduced a Bill That Would Give the FTC and States Attorneys General Authority to Crack Down on Shrinkflation”

CNN Business and Politics Correspondent Vanessa Yurkevich: “You Have Bob Casey Saying That They Actually Have a Bill for [Fighting Back Against Shrinkflation]”

PENNSYLVANIA – Senator Bob Casey’s leadership in taking on greedy corporations who are raising prices on Pennsylvania families was recently highlighted on ABC’s Good Morning America and CNN. Senator Casey is the leading voice on holding big companies accountable for greedflation and shrinkflation, which is making working families pay more for less product at the grocery store.

Watch What They’re Saying:

ABC’s Good Morning America

  • Trevor Ault: “Shrinkflation is when companies make the size of their products smaller without cutting prices. A report from Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey found the size of some Oreo cookies has decreased by 6% since 2019. And a family size of Wheat Thins has dropped 12% in weight. […] Last week, Senator Casey introduced a bill that would give the FTC and state attorneys general authority to crack down on shrinkflation.”


  • Vanessa Yurkevich: “You have Bob Casey saying that they actually have a bill for [fighting back against shrinkflation]. They want the FTC to crack down on corporations that are shrinking their products while keeping prices the same if not higher. Surprising fact that paper goods has actually seen the biggest shrinkflation in the last few years. And you also have the worry about something called greedflation. This is essentially when corporations may see prices softening on some of their products, but still keep the product smaller. And that is what we do not want to see.”