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David McCormick’s Best Escape Move? Moving To Connecticut

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McCormick’s First TV Ad Hides Behind Pennsylvania Wrestling to Distract from the Fact that He Doesn’t Live Here. Pennsylvanians Won’t Be Fooled  

PENNSYLVANIA — David McCormick is out with a new TV ad hiding behind his wrestling years, all to distract Pennsylvania voters from the fact that he doesn’t actually live here — and he’s lying about it. 

Statement from Maddy McDaniel, spokesperson for Bob Casey for Senate:  

“Pennsylvanians aren’t fooled by David McCormick. They know he’s an out-of-touch mega-millionaire who is lying about living in Pennsylvania and only out for his own bottom line. This election is a choice between Bob Casey, an honest and reliable leader who delivers, and a Connecticut man who will do or say anything to help his bottom line.”

David McCormick Isn’t Just Out of Touch, He’s Out-of-State: 

  • When he launched his bus tour, he said he would “live on the bus” — then flew to Connecticut a few hours later. 
  • And lastly, David McCormick can’t pronounce the iconic Pennsylvania beer Yuengling