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Bob Casey Slams “Pernicious and Immoral” Greedflation in New Interview

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Casey: “I’m Going to Stay on [Greedy Corporations]…and Make Sure That People Know They’re Jacking Up Their Prices in a Way That is Pernicious, and it’s Immoral, and It’s Disgusting”

Listen to the Full Interview HERE

PENNSYLVANIA – Senator Bob Casey is taking the fight to greedy corporations that are jacking up prices at the expense of Pennsylvania families in a new interview on Politics War Room with James Carville and Al Hunt. Senator Casey is cracking down on shrinkflation and the big companies that are making Pennsylvanians pay more for less.

Listen to the Full War Room Politics Podcast Interview HERE

Senator Casey on Greedflation and Lowering Costs for Pennsylvanians:

  • We’re going after big companies jacking up their prices, especially food prices, while corporate profits are going through the roof.”
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  • “[Greedflation] is basically when a corporation has their prices jacked up well beyond their costs. […] A lot of the big food conglomerates and others jacked up their prices and corporate profits went up 75% between July of 2020 and July of 2022 – five times the rate of inflation. 
  • Then there’s another concept, which is kind of a subset of it, which is shrinkflation. People have been noticing this for years even though you may not have had that term, where the contents of the package, everything you can imagine from soft drinks to potato chips […] whatever you can think of. Over time, the contents of the package gets smaller, but the price doesn’t drop. That, I believe, is a deceptive practice. That is why we just introduced a bill today to allow the Federal Trade Commission to investigate that. […]  So, bottom line is we have to call this out for what it is.”
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  • “And we should repeal or rollback those big corporate tax giveaways in that gross, obscene 2017 tax bill that gave permanent corporate tax relief to all these big companies. You know what they did with it? All the stock buybacks and then they jacked up all their prices and making working families pay the cost. […]
  • These companies are mad as hell at me right now. […] I welcome their anger. I hope they’re angry. I tell them this: get used to it because we are not going away. I’m going to stay on them for as long as I have power – stay on their backs – and make sure that people know they’re jacking up their prices in a way that is pernicious and it’s immoral, and it’s disgusting.”