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TODAY Show Spotlights Senator Bob Casey’s Fight to Tackle “Shrinkflation”

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Senator Casey is Leading the Fight Against Corporate Greed 

PENNSYLVANIA – Senator Bob Casey’s leadership in the fight to lower prices for Pennsylvania families was recently highlighted by NBC’s Today Show. Senator Casey is leading the fight against corporate greed in the Senate and holding corporations accountable for “shrinkflation,” which is making working families pay more for less product at the grocery store. 

Watch and Read What They’re Saying: 

NBC Today Show: Shrinkflation on the Today Show

  • Christine Romans: “You’ve probably noticed this, right, when you go to the grocery store, fewer chips in the bag, maybe a skimpier roll of paper towels. It’s a by-product of inflation and people are just fed up. In aisles all across America the choices are bigger than ever, but the size not so much. From cereal to chips to detergent, so-called ‘shrinkflation’ may be squeezing down your favorite snack or takeout order, and your wallet. […] A December report from Senator Bob Casey’s office found shrinkflation most common in paper products and snacks.

New York Times: Dealbook: The growing “shrinkflation” debate

  • Look for more shrinkflation talk this year. Senator Casey, who has been focusing on consumers’ diminished purchasing power (and is running for re-election), has spoken with consumer-product trade associations about their members’ pricing strategies and packaging practices. He’s calling for legislation to address what he sees as a deceptive practice.