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Senator Bob Casey Talks Corporate Greed, Fentanyl Crisis, and Stakes of His Senate Campaign in New Interview

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Senator Casey: “You Can’t Trust [David McCormick]…I Think People are Going to Know That by the End of the Race”

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PENNSYLVANIA – In a new interview with 6ABC’s “Inside Story,” Senator Bob Casey discussed his efforts to fight back against corporate price gouging and tackle the fentanyl crisis with his bipartisan FEND Off Fentanyl legislation. Senator Casey also laid out the stakes of his campaign, contrasting his record of delivering for Pennsylvanians with his opponent’s record of lying.

Watch the Full 6ABC “Inside Story” Interview HERE:

Senator Casey on Tackling the Fentanyl Crisis and Securing the Border:

  • [The FEND Off Fentanyl bill] goes after the bad guys in China where a lot of these precursor chemicals for fentanyl are starting or beginning. It would also allow us to go after Mexican drug cartels with more authority and also with more funding.
  • […] 
  • That’s how you begin to reduce the flow of fentanyl by funding efforts to stop it at ports of entry, and also having the tough measures of FEND Off Fentanyl.

Senator Casey on Fighting Back Against Corporate Greed 

  • “[…] when corporate profits are skyrocketing 75 percent – five times the rate of inflation – you know, there’s a problem, but I think people see it in their everyday encounters at the grocery store and in other places. They see fees and costs going up, and it’s greed by these big corporations. 
  • We have to crack down on it. I just introduced a bill to get much tougher on price gouging to be able to go after these big companies and also to help families deal with these higher costs.

Senator Casey on the Stakes of His Senate Campaign

  • “A lot is at stake for women’s rights, for workers rights, just for our democracy and voting rights. 
  • Look, I think it’s a pretty clear contrast when it comes to my record of delivering for the people of our state, and what the other candidate represents. He doesn’t even live in Pennsylvania. He lives in Connecticut. He lied about it and the Associated Press caught him in the lie about where he lives. You can’t trust him. 
  • Every time he talks about an issue he goes down a different path. He said he wanted to do something about border security and then he came out 100 percent against the bipartisan border agreement. […] There’s a crisis at the border. He said he was gonna support something, and then he comes out against it. 
  • So I don’t think you can trust him. I think people are going to know that by the end of the race.