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ICYMI: “Democratic Sen. Bob Casey Braces for ‘Toughest’ Re-Election Battle Yet in Pennsylvania” [NBC News]

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NBC News: “Casey’s Race Could Decide Control of the Senate”

PENNSYLVANIA – In a new interview with NBC News, Senator Bob Casey laid out the importance of his campaign for U.S. Senate. Senator Casey discussed how much is on the line for Pennsylvanians with control of the Senate at stake and an ultra-wealthy opponent who wants to put Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block and roll back the bipartisan infrastructure law.

Senator Casey also discussed his commitment to fighting back against corporate greed to lower costs for working families.

ICYMI: NBC News: Democratic Sen. Bob Casey braces for ‘toughest’ re-election battle yet in Pennsylvania

  • Democrats are facing a tough set of Senate races in 2024. From his perch in perhaps the nation’s most important swing state in recent years, Sen. Bob Casey argues his contest is a must-watch.
  • “It’ll be a close, tough race,” Casey told NBC News during a day shadowing him recently on the campaign trail. “But look, there’s a lot on the line every time. Every time I’ve run for public office in Pennsylvania, I’ve had to earn the vote and the trust of the people. And I got to do that, again.”
  • This time around, Casey’s race could decide control of the Senate.
  • It’s early — and early polls show Casey with a lead — but even after winning three terms in this purple state, Pennsylvania’s senior senator is bracing for this to be his toughest re-election yet […] facing a well-funded opponent in Dave McCormick, who lost the GOP Senate primary to Oz in 2022 but is back with party backing and big fundraising.
  • On the economy, especially, Casey is seeking to strike a populist tone centered on corporate greed as an explanation for the inflation so-often complained about by voters.
  • Casey calls it “greedflation,” but he doesn’t care what term is used. “It’s perverse,” he said, offering an alternative explanation to folks seeing higher grocery store bills, “to take the cost of a product and jack it up, and then brag about it to your shareholders. And yet that family who has to go to the grocery store every week is paying the cost.”
  • Casey is concerned about […] election workers intimidated out of their jobs and replaced by what he calls “extremists.” “That’s a direct and proximate threat to democracy,” Casey declared. “So we’ve got to win. Bottom line.”
  • Arizona’s Mark Kelly, who faced his own tough races in 2020 and 2022, called Pennsylvania “ground zero for control of the U.S. Senate” while campaigning for colleagues at a VFW hall here.