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What Pennsylvanians Are Saying: Senator Bob Casey Has the Backs of Pennsylvania’s Union Workers

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United Mine Workers of America Member Tony Kodric: “No One Has Been a Stronger Friend and Ally of Pennsylvania Unions Than Sen. Bob Casey.”

PENNSYLVANIA – Pennsylvanians are thanking Senator Bob Casey for his strong support of Pennsylvania’s union workers in the wake of historic organized labor victories across the country. Senator Casey has a long record of working to support the rights of workers to organize for better pay and create jobs across Pennsylvania.

Read What Pennsylvanians Are Saying About Senator Casey’s Strong Support of Union Labor: 

Daily Courier: Tony Kodric: Politicians need to care about unions

  • If this year has shown us anything, it’s that unions still play an incredibly important role in securing better pay, health care, and working conditions for American workers. As a retired Pennsylvania mineworker who’s been a long time member of the United Mineworkers of America (UMWA), I know these hard-fought victories can’t come without the support of those in power who have the courage to stand in solidarity with unions.
  • No one has been a stronger friend and ally of Pennsylvania unions than Sen. Bob Casey.
  • When he learned that our pensions and health insurance were at risk of insolvency, he led the effort in Congress to pass the American Miners Act that shored up our pensions and safeguarded our health care. Without Sen. Casey’s leadership, I would have struggled to pay the mounting medical bills when, sadly, my wife became sick and passed away two years ago.
  • Union workers are essential in Pennsylvania and we need more politicians like Sen. Casey who recognize that by supporting us in our ongoing fights to help secure future victories for hardworking Pennsylvanians.