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Senator Bob Casey is Leading the Fight to Stand Up to China

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Senator Casey Has Led The U.S. Senate on Passing Bipartisan Legislation Protecting U.S. National Security and Competitiveness with China

Senator Casey: “U.S. Workers Can Out-Work, Out-Innovate, and Out-Produce Any Worker in the World, Including Workers in China” Given a Level Playing Field

PENNSYLVANIA – When it comes to standing up to China, no one is tougher on holding the Chinese government accountable than Senator Bob Casey. As a recognized leader in this fight, he has led the way on bipartisan legislation protecting American workers from unfair trade practices and companies from espionage, increasing military funding to counter Chinese threats in the Pacific, and cracking down on fentanyl smuggling from China.

Senator Casey’s long record of standing up to China:

  • Sen. Casey fought to pass his amendment along with Sen. Cornyn to require investors to notify the Treasury Department when they invest in Chinese companies in critical sectors that successfully passed the Senate as part of the NDAA on July 25.
  • Casey backed tough-on-China provisions in the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act which would:
    • Work to protect American companies from Chinese industrial espionage
    • Publicly identify Chinese military companies working in the United States
    • Increase funding for the US military to counter Chinese threats in the Pacific
  • Casey won passage of a measure requiring the Department of Defense to counter Chinese efforts to steal intellectual property from Pennsylvania’s academic institutions in the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act.
  • Casey co-sponsored the STOP Act, which would require the United States Postal Service to use an advanced tracking system used by private delivery companies to stop smuggling of fentanyl from China.