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MEMO: One Year Out from the Pennsylvania Senate Election, Bob Casey is in a Strong Position to Win

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November 6, 2023

From: Tiernan Donohue, Bob Casey for Senate Campaign Manager 

To: Interested Parties 

Re: One Year Out from the Pennsylvania Senate Election, Bob Casey is in a Strong Position to Win

One year out from the Pennsylvania Senate election, Senator Bob Casey is in a strong position for re-election with robust grassroots support and a long record of delivering for Pennsylvania families. By contrast, Connecticut hedge fund executive David McCormick has stumbled out of the gate and failed to answer questions about the lies he has told Pennsylvanians. 

Sen. Casey’s Formidable Campaign 

Bob Casey is a battle-tested incumbent Senator with a long record of delivering for Pennsylvania – like his efforts to lower costs, bring jobs to the Commonwealth, and strengthen Pennsylvania’s manufacturing industry. Pennsylvanians know he has dedicated his career to helping Pennsylvania’s working families, making sure seniors have the benefits they’ve earned, and protecting American workers and technology from foreign adversaries like China.

Casey is running a strong campaign that has broken his own fundraising records two times over. He has been endorsed by groups across Pennsylvania including United Mine Workers of America, the United Steelworkers, and a coalition of dozens of veterans from across the Commonwealth. 


David McCormick Keeps Getting Caught in His Lies

One month into his campaign, David McCormick has already been exposed for his lies and his decades-long record of selling out working people to make mega-millions for himself and his Wall Street friends. 

David McCormick is lying about living in Pennsylvania. McCormick lives in a multi-million dollar mansion in Westport on Connecticut’s “Gold Coast,” and has repeatedly refused to say how much time he actually spends in Pennsylvania. The same day he launched his campaign, McCormick was exposed for taking a private plane to visit Pennsylvania from Connecticut for his campaign events. Flight records show he returned to his home in Connecticut less than 24 hours after he launched his campaign.


McCormick is Out of Touch With Working Families in Pennsylvania

David McCormick is fighting for himself and his wealthy friends, not for Pennsylvania. McCormick is a Wall Street executive who supports tax cuts for himself and his rich friends and threatens to gut Social Security and Medicare. He got rich by shipping American jobs overseas, laying off Pennsylvania workers, and investing billions for the Chinese Communist Party. As a corporate CEO, McCormick laid off 50 workers in Pittsburgh while creating jobs in China and India. He even coached other companies on how to ship American jobs overseas. 


David McCormick is trying to cover up the fact that he is too extreme for Pennsylvania on abortion. He supports an abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest and said multiple times overturning Roe vs. Wade would be a “huge victory.” Now, he’s trying to fool Pennsylvanians and paper over his dangerous record. 


The bottom line: Bob Casey has spent his career fighting for hardworking Pennsylvania families, while David McCormick spent his career enriching himself and his wealthy friends at the expense of working families. Pennsylvanians know Bob Casey is on their side, and his long record of delivering for them will power his re-election in 2024.