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Senator Bob Casey Fights to Protect Pennsylvanians’ Social Security and Medicare

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Senator Casey Has Fought to Modernize and Expand Social Security and Medicare, While Standing Firm Against Threats to the Critical Programs 

PENNSYLVANIA – Senator Bob Casey has been a champion for Pennsylvanians’ Medicare and Social Security. He has worked to ensure every Pennsylvanian can retire with dignity by fighting to modernize and expand these programs so America can keep its promise to seniors of financial security and affordable health care after decades in the workforce. His work to help pass the Inflation Reduction Act will allow Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices for seniors for the first time in history – saving millions of seniors $400 a year on life-saving medications.

Here’s what they’re saying about Casey’s recent efforts to protect Social Security and Medicare: 

WTAJ: Casey introduces bill to expand social security benefits

  • U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) has introduced the Surviving Widow(er) Income Fair Treatment (SWIFT) Act.
  • The SWIFT Act would fix outdated and arbitrary restrictions on Social Security benefits for widows, widowers and surviving divorced spouses. 
  • The bill would ultimately increase Social Security benefits for more than one million Americans.

Williamsport Sun-Gazette: Legislators Casey, Young aim to ease Medicare enrollment for seniors, people with disabilities

  • U.S. Sens. Bob Casey, D-Scranton, and Todd Young, R-Indiana, introduced legislation to simplify Medicare enrollment for seniors and people with disabilities.
  • The bill would require the federal government to provide advance notice to people approaching Medicare eligibility about basic Medicare enrollment rules, filling a longstanding gap in education for older adults and people with disabilities.

My ChesCo: U.S. Senator Bob Casey proposes the SWIFT Act to modernize Social Security Benefits

  • This legislation aims to address the outdated and arbitrary restrictions currently limiting Social Security benefits for widows, widowers, and surviving divorced spouses.
  • Despite facing high rates of poverty, these groups often encounter unnecessary hurdles when accessing Social Security benefits. The SWIFT Act seeks to eliminate or provide more flexibility around these barriers, potentially benefiting over one million Americans.
  • Reportedly, poverty rates among widow(er)s who receive Social Security benefits are almost double those of retired workers and spouses. Furthermore, widow(er)s caring for children and those with disabilities have some of the highest poverty rates among all Social Security recipients.

Butler Radio: Sen. Casey proposes expanding Medicare & Medicaid coverage

  • Senator Bob Casey is proposing legislation that would increase low and moderate-income individuals who qualify for health insurance under Medicare.
  • The Medicare and Medicaid Dental, Vision, and Hearing Benefit Act would increase access to coverage for routine exams and other preventive care.
  • This would include coverage for items like dentures, eyeglasses, or hearing aids.