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Senator Casey Joins Fast Politics Podcast to Discuss His Work Standing Up to China, Supporting Unions, And Fighting for Seniors

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Senator Casey: “When China Cheats On The World Stage, Pennsylvania Workers Lose Jobs”

Senator Casey: The Inflation Reduction Act And The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Will “Lead To The Creation Of 50,000 Jobs In Pennsylvania, Each And Every Year For The Next Decade”

PENNSYLVANIA — Senator Bob Casey appeared on Fast Politics with Molly Jong-Fast to discuss his record of fighting for Pennsylvanians in the Senate, including his work standing up to China, supporting unions, and fighting for seniors. 

Listen to the full podcast here, and see below for highlights. 

On his support for unions:

  • “So one of the ways not just to lift up workers and their families, but to breach some of the divides in society, is to get more people unionized. 
  • “When you’re part of a union where you can bargain collectively for wages and benefits, you’re more likely to have a good wage, good health care and a pension of some kind.” 

On standing up to China:

  • “When China cheats on the world stage, Pennsylvania workers lose jobs…But they also have been stealing our technology, and often the rise of China has been fueled by decisions and actions taken by corporate America. 
  • “So, my effort and actually work with John Cornyn from Texas…we introduced a bill to have a review of that outbound investment.
  • “What we’re trying to do is to say, “Look, US Corporation, if you’re going to send our military technology and the benefits of our innovation to China, and benefit President Xi and his regime, the federal government needs to be notified about that so we can make an assessment whether or not our national security is undermined by that.
  • “That’s why I got 91 votes, even though corporate America held it up for more than a year and a half.”

On his support of the CHIPS and Science Act:

  • “What we’re trying to do there is to say that if the United States has lost its edge as it has in a very substantial way on producing semiconductors … to regain our edge, we have to invest in research, and that means the federal government investing in private sector companies that can produce these chips and, and run ahead of China.
  • “A lot of corporate CEOs are finally recognizing that [what we did] is leading to a manufacturing renaissance in the country.”

On his support for the Inflation Reduction Act:

  • “I can stand up and say, as a candidate for reelection, that just the Inflation Reduction Act and the infrastructure bill, just those two bills alone, are going to lead to the creation of 50,000 jobs in Pennsylvania, each and every year for the next decade.”

On his role as Chair of the Special Committee on Aging:

  • “I’ve used it as a platform to focus on Americans who have a disability as well because those Americans, 61 million of them, don’t get a lot of attention. 
  • “And it’s allowed us to put a spotlight on issues that affect seniors and their families, for example, in the grip of the opioid and substance use disorder crisis, which is still with us, obviously, but was most prominent in the news just a couple of years ago, we were able to focus on grand-families, these heroic grandparents raising grandchildren. 
  • “It’s a committee that allows us to put a spotlight on those issues, on nursing home issues, on issues that relate to how seniors become the targets for scam artists and, and purveyors of fraud to rip them off.”