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What the GOP is Saying: Bob Casey Will Be Tough to Beat 

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Republicans Agree That Bob Casey Will Be Tough to Beat in 2024 

Sen. Casey is the First and Only Person to Have Won Six Statewide Elections

PENNSYLVANIA Republicans in Pennsylvania and D.C. agree that Sen. Bob Casey will be tough to beat in 2024, citing his popularity throughout the state, dedication to his constituents, and broad, bipartisan appeal.

Here’s what they’re saying: 

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Politico: A well-liked incumbent stands in the way of Republicans retaking the Pennsylvania Senate seat

Pennsylvania Treasurer Stacy Garrity, a rising star in the state’s GOP, is keeping her options open ahead of the 2024 Senate election. She isn’t ruling out a run against Democratic Sen. Bob Casey next year.

But she knows one thing for certain: Casey would be a formidable opponent. After all, she pointed out, he’s won six statewide elections.


But behind the scenes, GOP elected officials, strategists and donors are still not bullish about their chances against Casey. They are well aware that he has won all of his Senate elections by double digits or close to it. They know he’s an institution in the state and the son of the late anti-abortion Gov. Robert Casey, Sr. And as working-class white voters have bolted from most Democrats, GOP insiders fear Casey still has a hold on many of them […]